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Air Balancing Vital

You may have specific rooms in your home that seem to receive less heating or cooling than the rest of the house. When your HVAC system becomes unbalanced, indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and monthly operating costs can be affected. 

There are two ductwork divisions in the HVAC system: supply and return. Supply ducts supply rooms with heated or cooled air, while the return ducts remove air and transport it back to the furnace or air conditioner. 

In this blog, one of the leading heating and air conditioning contractors, Max AC Repair Service, shares an overview of how air balancing works and how it can be accomplished in your home.

Why is Air Balancing Vital?

Air balance ensures that conditioned air is distributed equally in every room in the house, and the amount of delivery and volume of return is in good proportion. 

1) When it is unbalanced, heating and cooling will be inconsistent. The room can receive insufficient conditioned air and remain chronically cold in winter and uncomfortably warm in summer, depending on how the furnace or air conditioner is. Adjustments of the thermostat to fix this anomaly causes the furnace or air conditioning unit to run longer cycles, consume additional energy, increase monthly costs and increase the system’s wear and tear.

2) The house becomes depressurized if HVAC return ducts take more air volume out of rooms than supply ducts produce. Outdoor air is pulled indoors through structural cracks and holes and around windows and doors in this unbalanced environment. Infiltration of outside air requires prolonged cycles to be performed by the heating or cooling system to maintain the thermostat configuration. Drops in energy efficiency and increases in running costs will take effect.

Things To Do To Have A Balanced Airflow

To better regulate the airflow in your home, there are a few things that you can do. Request for an appointment for professional repair if there are no significant changes after doing the following:

  • Ensure the vents are clear
  • Replace dirty air filters
  • Use your fans (standalone or ceiling)

What Can HVAC Professionals Do?

  • Clean the compressor coils
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Cleaning ductworks

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